Student Zone
The Supreme Council

The school has an executive body of students, popularly known as the Supreme Council. It comprises of as many as 100 children from Classes VIII to XII. These children hold the ranks such as Head Boy, Head Girl, President-Student Council, Secretary-Discipline Committee, Secretary-Cultural and Sports Committee and Captains and Vice-Captains of various Houses. The Members of various committees also play a major role in the smooth running of the school programmes.

House System

There are four Houses in the school namely : CHENAB GANGA SUTLEJand YAMUNA. Every student on admission from Class I onwards is placed in one of these houses.

Each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains. A staff member acts as the House Warden, assisted by other teachers. Points are awarded to students as well as houses throughout the year for Inter-house activities and competitions. At the end of the year, the student with the highest points become eligible for the Championship Cup (along with academic excellence) and the house scoring the highest points is awarded the Running Trophy.

Each participant in Inter-house activities and competitions has to wear a coloured scarf on special days. The scarves will be provided by the House Warden as and when required.

Academic ability is recognized in the form of a 'Scholar Badge', which is given to students. The Criterion for it is as follows :

Scholar Badge

1. Scholar Tie : 91% and above in aggregate and in all subjects in the I Semester Examination of the current Academic Year.

2. Proficiency Certificate: Scoring 91% and above in English, Hindi, Mathematics, General Science/ EVS, Sanskrit, Social Science & Computer Science in the previous Academic Year.

Absentees, ML cases and Late Admissions are not eligible to receive the Proficiency Certificate.

3. Scholar Badge : Scoring 91% and above in the aggregate and in all subjects in the final result of the previous Academic Year.

Absentees, ML cases and Late Admissions are not eligible to receive the Scholar Badge.

4. Scholar Blazer : Scholar Badge holder for three years out of four consecutive years. (Previous year to be considered)

5. Marker Cup : Scoring the highest marks and 91% and above in all sections in various subjects in the previous Academic Year.

(Absentees, ML cases and Late Admissions are not eligible to receive the Marker Cup.)

6. Pro Vice Chairman Cup for 100% Attendance

7. Championship Cup for Overall Excellence in academic and extra curricular activities.

8. The latent talent of tiny toddlers are honed and sustained in the school. To impart momentum to such meritorious traits possessed by our pre-primary students (Nursery - Preparatory) they are acknowledged and rewarded under the following categories -

Most Active ChildAn Enquirer
The Most Well Behaved ChildThe Leader of the Class
The Best DancerThe Best Singer
The Best ArtistThe Most Co-operative Child
The Nature's Friend An All Rounder

9. Students of Shiksha Kendra are also rewarded under these categories to boost up their morale and to promote the skills.