School Uniform

School uniform gives a sense of identity and ensures uniformity among the students. It should be worn with a sense of dignity and pride and pride and should be adhered to by all the students.All students are expected to wear the school uniform as specified during the classes, organized functions, trips etc. Parents are expected to ensure that their ward in proper uniform before leaving home.

Students must wear their Identity Card everyday.

For all the students, the proper footwear in both summer and winter is black shoes. No shoes of any other colour or kind nor slippers or other forms of high-heeled shoes are permissible.

White shoes should be worn for games and Activity only.

Students must carry a handkerchief and a napkin to school.

All boys (except Sikhs) must wear their hair short.Sikh boys should wear bottle green dastars/turbans. Girls should tie their hair properly with black bands. Long hair should be plaited neatly.

They should not wear fancy hair clips.

No gold jewellery is to be worn to school.